Dhofar Governorate : For avid photography enthusiasts, a tour of Dhofar Governorate represents an opportunity to enjoy a diverse array of natural settings in one wholesome destination. This southern region of Oman, with its white sand beaches, ocean expanses, sprawling mountain ranges and lunar-like desertscapes, offers a flavour of Oman that is quite distinctive from the rest of the country.
Tucked away in Mirbat, Taqah and the old part of Salalah are atmospheric mud-and-brick neighbourhoods that recall the region’s rich trading heritage. A new carriageway now runs the length of Dhofar’s coast, offering splendid panoramas of the coastline and the seas beyond. Further inland are natural and historical treasures that await discovery, including The Empty Quarter where tourists and photography buffs enjoy glorious sunsets perched on the summits of towering sand dunes.
A different flavour of Dhofar is on offer during the khareef season spanning August and September when the south-west monsoon sweeps over a sliver of Salalah to transform parched mountains into verdant mist-shrouded hills. Camels typically associated with barren desert landscapes can be seen ruminating in these lush settings.
Tour duration: 3 – 5 days
[Recommended days: Saturday to Thursday], Below are sample images of this tour and related photographic opportunities.




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